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10 Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman: Plus Some Sassy Comebacks

There’s nothing worse than nosy people asking insane, inconsiderate questions or offering ignorant, unsolicited advice during pregnancy. I’m sure you mamas can relate: A quick trip to the grocery store can quickly turn into an awkward and uncomfortable interrogation from complete strangers. Hiding my bump with cute maternity clothes is a great way to avoid the questions, but why can’t I have a little fun instead of feeling self-conscious? Continue Reading →

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Let’s Be Friends!

Hey guys! I swore to myself that I would never start a mommy blog, but I have ALWAYS wanted a place to share more about our little life. So I decided to compromise and not have JUST a mommy blog, but also a blog about our life, my style, motherhood, design, and photography. So let’s jump right in, and I’ll tell you more about me! Continue Reading →